About Ray Pastoors

Ray Pastoors

Let me introduce myself.

I’m Ray Pastoors, a Brunswick local, who cares about the future of Moreland.

Your local community advocate in Moreland.

My values:

  • Caring: As community members, we must look out for others, including our elderly residents and those who are less fortunate. I’m also an active advocate for youth mental health and support such causes like headspace and beyondblue.
  • Sustainability: I’m passionate about¬†sustainable housing & development, along with environmental policy and action that helps to reduce climate change.
  • Equality: As a member of LGBTIQA community, I will stand up for equal rights and embrace diversity with open arms.
  • Fairness: I will keep the fight up for fairness. As a member of the Australian Labor Party, I stand for a fair go for all, believing in quality education and equal opportunity.

Contact me:

If you’d like to talk further about an issue that is important to you, please get in contact with me using the details below.

Email me: ray@yourvoiceinmoreland.com

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