Top 5 priorities for Moreland City Council

Come election day this Saturday, many voters want to know what candidates will stand for at Moreland City Council. As a Brunswick local and progressive candidate, I am passionate about this local area and happy to share with community members my top 5 priorities in council.

I thank Dean who reached out to me on Facebook, for inspiring me to write this blog post.

Also, would like to thank those community residents who have contacted me either on Social Media, phone or email – I appreciate you sending your questions and local concerns to me. I hope my prompt responses to these queries, has given you confidence in my abilities to be your voice in Moreland.

Ray Pastoors top 5 priorities

My priorities are what I am aiming to achieve in council. That said, other councillors (who I’d need to work with) will have their own as well, so it’s about managing the differences in opinion and working together to serve the community needs.

As for me, these priorities are no doubt no different to what I’ve been sharing for many weeks:


I’ll advocate for sustainable development in our local area. I will also ensure we as a council find more ways to consult with the community on this issue, whilst pushing for the state government to secure planning laws, for the sake of this area, our heritage and future generations. This will also consider areas of environmental planning and standards.


I am tired, as much as ratepayers are about rate increases and the burden this has on low-income households. I’ll be pushing the state government to increase the pensioner rebate from the Department of Human Services. I will also consult with fellow councillors and investigate ways council can improve the way they measure rate increases, stand for fairness – doing all I can to not leave those less fortunate behind. And scrutinise what is being spent with ratepayers money.

Open spaces

I’ll review the urban heating plan and open space map to identify key areas where council can add more green and open space to our local area. I’ll also continue to question those who believe carpark spaces are the almighty in this debate. We know this will cause further issues down the track. We need to be smart and strategic about this. I don’t want to see open spaces built which don’t consider patronage or other important factors.


I want to see greater funding for bike paths and facilities. I want to make sure Upfield bike path project is completed, making it safer for riders in the day and at night. My vision is to continue to see the number of people riding to work double, whilst making sure we keep our community alive and well.

Mental health

As a member of the LGBTIQA community, I’ll be a voice for youth and those who suffer from mental illness. I will support council in making storng relationships with local providers, ensuring that we work closely enough and identify gaps. This is an issue that does not go away. We need awareness and action!

I hope this answers your question. Of course, there’s more to be done – but as you requested 5 main priorities, I’ve listed them here for you.

The original reply to Dean can be seen here:

Top 5 priorities for Moreland City Council

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