Moreland Climate change

Moreland Climate change is real and it’s important we as a community address this need.

An inspiring group known as Climate Action Moreland invited all South Ward candidates to submit their climate change commitments and ideas for this council election.

As a small business owner who has been a key driver in a greener web, buyer of GreenPower and a Take2 pledger – I was proud to provide my ideas for our great city in this area.

My submission for City of Moreland Climate Change:

Q: If elected, what concrete measures will you be advocating for on Moreland Council that relate to environmental sustainability and action on climate change?
A: As part of Moreland’s ZERO strategy, it’s important that council continues to examine the impacts its decisions have on the environment.

If elected, I plan to be an advocate for sustainability. There are a number of areas that can be worked on e.g.

  • Explore a ban on lightweight plastic bags.
  • Introduce more compost ‘hubs’.
  • Work with industry partners to reduce landfill.
  • Consider impacts development has on carbon reduction plan.
  • Look at incentives for developers who go above green standards.
  • Provide community members with more opportunities to offset their emissions e.g. personalised tree planting.

Q: Are you a member of a political party, and if so, which one?
A: I’m running as an independent. However, I am a member of the Australian Labor Party. The ALP do not endorse candidates for Moreland City Council.

I’ve always been a strong advocate for renewable energy. In my younger days, I was a group convenor of a local AYCC group. In addition, I’ve worked for Origin Energy, gaining experience in the workings of the energy industry and being an advocate for cleaner energy and sustainability. Today I encourage others to be efficient and in my small business, work with a number of partners to promote a clean energy future.

Moreland Climate change

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